JuaN t.

Music is my True

      universal language...

It's my life's work to express those emotions and feelings that can only be conveyed through music. It's how my spirit, heart and mind takes wing and soars to unfathomable, seemingly unreachable heights. I hope that my music does the same for you, your spirit, your heart and mind too.  

                                                                                            Juan T.

Welcome to My Official Website!

Thank you for making THE time to visit my personal website!


This is my official website, created for all of my fans to keep up with my very hectic and sometimes borderline exhausting musical happenings. I've been blessed to make my living doing what many dream of but few actually do — perform music to audiences all across the United States and the world. I'm honored that you're joining me.


Whether I'm in the studio working on my new album, flying to another state or corners of the globe, this is the one place you can always go to know the latest with me and my music. I'll be working hard to keep the information on my site current, topical, and fun. So in your earliest convenience, check back often — you never know when something fun is going to pop up here for your music enjoyment!

Latest News

Moving On (Album CD) 

My first album: Now on Sale

Released :February 2014 

Wondering Mind (NEW CD)

I've been very blessed with the amount of new fans who acknowledge my music which grab the attention of a distribution deal to push immediately my new album by early 2014.